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Snow Blizzards Hit Copenhagen Global Warming Summit

COPENHAGEN - Denmark - The freezing weather and snow has brought the spectre of dangerous temperature rises to the Global Warming summit.

“My teeth are chattering and I’ve got six layers of jumpers on,” a Global Warming campaigner camping in an igloo at the Copenhagen Global Warming Climate Change Summit told the Times.

Indeed, the Global Warming is so apparent here that the doors to the summit venue froze over last night and the organisers had to bring in industrial heaters just to open the doors so that frozen delegates could get into the freezing halls.

“It’s f*cking freezing. This Global Warming is really bad huh. Oh my god , it’s so cold that my bogeys are freezing up my nose,” Wendy McRuth, a Global Warming activist said after losing all her fingers on her left hand to severe frostbite.

It is not only freezing in Copenhagen, there have been blizzards and snow storms reported back in Washington DC where Barack Obama is set to return any day after visiting the minus sixteen degrees freezing Global Warming climate of Copenhagen.

“I think it’s that Global Warming thing, that’s why we’re all freezing and the temperature is so cold. It took my 12 hours to get to the venue today after our car was caught in a massive snow storm,” another Global Warming activist said through his chattering teeth.

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