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Company Claims to Create Garment That Converts CO2 to Oxygen

LAHORE - Pakistan - A denim manufacturer has claimed to create a coat that converts CO2 to Oxygen.

Why the Mass Tourism Industry Needs to Fail

LONDON - England - The mass tourism industry is a blight on the earth and thanks to the Covid Pandemic will hopefully fail.

Regenerative Braking: a Serendipity

LONDON - England - Regenerative braking in electric cars, enables the vehicle’s kinetic energy to be converted back to electrical energy during braking.

Wind Farms Almost as Useless as Royal Family

WINDSOR - England - The Duke of Edinburgh has conceded the fact that wind farms are "almost as useless" as the royal family.

Could You be Killing the Planet One Breath at a Time?

ONTARIO - Canada - Eco Fascism is alive and well, and the plan the many organisations around the world are proposing for the human population is not a very savoury one.

Frozen Pensioner Prays For Global Warming

LONDON - England - An East London man is today praying that global warming happens soon, and is holding a public prayer session in the streets.

Global Warming Scientist Freezes to Death

WASHINGTON DC - USA - One of the scientists who prepared the notorious 'global warming' dossier has frozen to death in a tragic accident reports claim.

Snow Blizzards Hit Copenhagen Global Warming Summit

COPENHAGEN - Denmark - The freezing weather and snow has brought the spectre of dangerous temperature rises to the Global Warming summit.

Celebrities Stop Farting to Curb Global Warming

GENEVA - Switzerland - The United Nations has welcomed bids from the world's top celebrities to stop passing wind thus ending the deadly march of 'climate change' threatening our delicate eco-system.

Green Activist, Porritt, to Kill Himself to Save Planet from Global...

LONDON - England - One of the government's leading green activists, Jonathon Porritt, has agreed to set a good example on population reduction by committing suicide for the benefit of the environment thereby reducing carbon emissions.

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