Why the Mass Tourism Industry Needs to Fail

LONDON - England - The mass tourism industry is a blight on the earth and thanks to the Covid Pandemic will hopefully fail.

mass tourism industry

Ecologically speaking, the tourism industry is responsible for much of the world’s pollution. It is a blight on the planet destroying entire ecosystems all because of pure greed, and transporting billions of tourist masses across the globe, a putrid stench of locusts that not only decimate our finite resources, but exploit diverse cultures purely for their own fleeting entertainment.

beach ocean pollutionLet the mass tourism industry go under, so the coral reefs can breathe again, so the plastics on the beaches and oceans can slowly dissipate, let the globe relinquish itself from this mass tourism onslaught that every day is destroying its entire ecological system which took billions of years to evolve.

Fat man beachIf there is to be a small tiny tourism industry, it should only be one where there are limited, sustainable numbers of tourists who give back to the environment and culture they take from. Costs should be commensurate to the true cost to the environment, therefore prohibiting the awful cheap package holiday industry.

As for space tourism, that should be fully supported. The more people shot into space can only be a good thing, shame it is not a one way trip. Some would even pay good money to see Instagram/YouTube influencers all put into one rocket and shot into space with no designated destination. Good riddance to a vile parasitical pestilence that pollutes not only the ecosystem but all culture on earth as well.