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Feeding the Beast – China’s Evil Hold Over Global Trade

BEIJING - China - China's evil hold over global trade is feeding its vast military might that is every day readying to attack its blind, dumb global traders.

Being the world’s largest polluter is an easy task for the communist Chinese state, but amongst little things like mass genocide that are completely ignored by the West and its trading partners, China is a huge economy that has forged relations with over 200 trading partners with its intricate global trade connections.

The concentration and work camps where the Uyghur people are systematically murdered in mass genocide are inconsequential when it comes to making money for many global traders. The cheap communist labour is the key for conglomerates like Nike and Apple flourishing, what is built for a pittance in China where workers literally die in factories is sold for huge markups in the West.

Colonisation of Africa is also a part of China’s evil hold with the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative. This is where vast bribes are delivered to poor African nations so long as Chinese companies can plunder their natural resources and when the African nations realise they are indebted to China for the poor quality cheap roads and hospitals built, it is too late.

In essence, every single nation in the world is connected via trade to China, and this has allowed the country to build up its military to formidable levels. According to Visualcapitalist.com over the course of 2022, China saw exports totalling $3.57 trillion and imports totalling $2.71 trillion, giving it a massive trade surplus of $857 billion.

The idiots who supposedly run the West do not realise China’s intentions to attack and take over vast swathes of the globe, and are blinded by their gluttony with China’s capabilities to produce cheap shoddy toxic plastic trinkets. One day, when China releases its military on the earth, it will be too late for many nations who were caught asleep at the wheel. China’s evil hold over global trade, much like an octopus grip, is tightening every day until death eventually occurs.


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