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Republican Politics Officially Criminalised in America

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Any form of republican politics has been officially criminalised in America and prominent politicians arrested.

Many socialist Americans will be sighing in relief today after all Republican politics and politicians have been criminalised for conducting political activity. Since the Democrat Party has completely infiltrated and taken over all state departments, institutions and agencies in America as well as weaponised them for their own biased needs, the country has only one effective political party.

Death of Democracy in USA

“If you are a Republican or Libertarian or anything other than a socialist/communist, we will criminalise you and your activities. All form of debate or politics is now a criminal act; and anyone who dares to question the official narrative will be criminalised,” a jubilant Biden via Obama speech revealed on Thursday.

President Trump, who is now a criminal simply for exercising the right to political discourse and questioning the official narrative is now a felon, alongside former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani.

MSNBC host Butch Shorecut cried live on TV after the announcement was made. “I cannot believe this, it’s so beautiful, the Republicans have been criminalised, and we only have one party ruling over everything in America. Thank you, Obama, you have truly done it. We love you so much, thank Michael for his support too.”

CNN also celebrated with news anchors singing communist soviet anthems and waving CCP flags and slogans in the air.

The Soviets have truly taken over America, this is a beautiful day if you are a Marxist communist. There is absolutely no point in having elections anymore, and they will be banned in the near future. With only one party ruling everything and making their own laws, the entire might of the state has now been sovietised, or if Comrade Leonid Brezhnev was still around, he would have proudly said: “The situation in America has been normalised”.

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