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Putin Declares War On Wagner Mercenary Group

MOSCOW - Russia - To protect Putin, the entire Wagner mercenary group will have to be neutralised. Prigozihn has already been taken out.

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When a state asset goes wrong, there is no other alternative but to liquidate that asset. This dictum is the same in the West as much as it is in Russia. The Wagner Group were useful at one point, but will now be hunted down one by one until the threat has been neutralised to Putin and his evil regime.

“An asset may just know too much, or there are many other factors involved. In this case, Wagner Group chief Prigozhin overstepped the mark, first with videos decrying the lack of logistical support in Ukraine and publicly shaming Putin and his cronies. Secondly, the march to Moscow coup attempt,” an intelligence officer surmised.

Most of the Wagner Group were very capable soldiers and used to be an exemplary military asset to the Kremlin, however their capabilities were a double-edged sword and if not kept in check could easily turn against the Russian dictatorship, as they eventually did.

“Dictators like Putin have to be brutal, otherwise they are easily overturned. The only way to overturn someone like Putin is by every person within and without the state turning against him,” the intelligence operative revealed, before disappearing into a crowd of people.

Right now, every Wagner threat will be hunted down and neutralised. The troops in Belarus have already had their internet cut off by the pro-Putin government.

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