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Climate Change Leftists Care About Poor People and Want Them to Die Faster

GENEVA - Switzerland - The leftists in charge of all global policy and climate change want poor people to die faster to save the earth.

By pushing up the cost of energy, the elite leftists do not suffer, it is the lower tier of poor people who suffer. Banning gas/coal/oil/nuclear power and cars, is disguised as a response to ‘climate change’ but it is in fact a way of killing millions of poor people who will die of poverty. The Marxist elite at organisations like the WEF sincerely care about poor people so much that they are willing to callously murder them in cold blood through their policies.

Sadiq Khan and his ULEZ project in London will not make one iota of change for the quality of air, yet he is willing to see the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Londoners pushed over the edge by his expensive evil Marxist policies. Many Londoners barely clinging on by their fingernails will be pushed over the edge, and their poverty plus the evil London Mayor will have killed them. Obviously, this is a good thing for climate change, according to the leftists in charge. You will thus not find any poor people in climate change activist groups like ‘Just Stop Oil’ or ‘Extinction Rebellion’, these are all people with double-barrelled names conducting their ridiculous protests after travelling from their multi-million pound homes given to them by mummy and daddy.

The Great Reset

“We are basically pricing poor people out of travel, food and heating in the winter. Interest rate rises, price rises, and forced taxation on the roads is a great way of indirectly speeding these people to their deaths. They cannot afford anything, while we sit back and watch them fall like flies. Of course, we have to feign concern and empathy, but that’s easy to do,” a WEF spokesman revealed.

The caring leftists have supposedly supported the plight of the worker and poverty-stricken masses in the past for cheap labour, but at the end of the day, the useless eaters as they are known, have to go, because they are taking up too much space and creating too many carbon emissions resulting in climate change. Technology has increased to such a level now, especially with AI, that the masses are viewed as a burden and blight on the environment.

“Hopefully, with all the engineered price rises and punitive taxes, there will not be any poor people left by 2050. That’s with the multiple pandemics planned and cost of living hikes. This is about the most humane way we could achieve our targets. We have AI technology now so we just don’t need these people anymore,” another WEF spokesman revealed.

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