Homeland Security: Joe Biden Could be Deported Back to China

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The department of Homeland Security is threatening to deport Joe Biden back to China if his illegal actions continue.

china joe - beijing biden
Beijing Biden

The Department of Homeland Security may deport illegal appointee, Joe Biden back to China where he belongs, a spokeswoman for the agency revealed today.

“Let’s face it, he’s not called China Joe for nothing. The Chinese Communist Party have also requested that their embedded asset is returned forthwith to be debriefed,” Ellen Sanchez, a DHS spokeswoman revealed today.

Biden could be deported as early as next week, where he will be received by his CCP masters and possibly detained for not undermining America enough.

Chinese agent Xiang Ping Dong, who is Biden’s handler in Beijing said on Tuesday that the CCP were very unhappy with Biden’s progress.

“We paid him and his crack smoking idiot son millions of dollars which they stashed without tax so that we could take over America, but he has done very little work. Our army has been waiting for orders to parachute into Washington D.C. and all major U.S. cities, but Biden needs the Americans to surrender completely to China first. If he does not do the gun grab soon, this means there could be some resistance to our soldiers. Also, he needs to sabotage the U.S. military to stand down. He has not done enough, after all the money we gave him.”

According to one Chinese Politburo member, the Chinese Virus also has to kill millions more Americans before Chinese troops can move in.

“We are watching the situation every day, it has not killed as many Americans as we hoped, but Biden is also ordered to destroy the U.S. economy, we hope he will fulfil his orders soon as he promised. The Chinese population is getting impatient because they want to move in to America as soon as possible,” the official was quoted as saying on the Xinhua news network, Tuesday,