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American Marxist Democrats Want to Inflict As Much Pain on Conservatives as Possible

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Biden and Harris along with the Democrats will enjoy inflicting vast amounts of pain on conservatives in the next four years.

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Joe Biden has not just fucked over the conservatives of America in his first few days with his vindictive executive orders, but he has also lost over 85,000 American jobs and livelihoods by cancelling an important oil pipeline from Canada to the USA, as well as other projects. The unions who were suckered into supporting Biden and even furnished his campaign with millions of dollars were firmly bent over a table, and their asses filled. These socialist Marxist unions were betrayed by Biden within a few hours of his alleged inauguration.

The plan for the next four years will be hell, as the vindictive, nasty Democrats punish anyone who even resembles a conservative, or a libertarian. In fact, if you’re not a Marxist, you’re fucked. The worst part of this whole nasty situation is that the Democrats will sadistically enjoy torturing people with their insane profligate irresponsible policies bordering on a recklessness never before witnessed. Remember that this is Obama’s third term, and Biden is a bumbling China-controlled puppet with little or no mind of his own. Biden’s dementia or whatever he fucking is suffering with is all too apparent as he stares out blankly wondering where he is most of the time. When signing the multitude of executive orders he even quipped he did not know what he was signing, and the funniest moment of all was when he was walking through a doorway and his controllers told him to salute the marines through his earpiece, the idiot blurted out the commands instead of saluting the marines standing there looking bemused.

Biden for most Americans is not the president, and many people refuse to even acknowledge the sham that is continuing in front of vast audiences. He will just be known as Biden, and nothing more.

The Democrats however, who have moved so far left that they are bordering on totalitarian communism will enjoy hurting conservative Americans, they will enjoy cancelling and deleting, bringing in their evil totalitarian policies purely to gouge the eyes out of Middle America. Opening the borders will be a principal policy as well as fucking with ICE, by halting all repatriation operations of illegal aliens.

As for Britain, Biden and Harris hate the British and will punish the UK as much as they possibly can. Boris Johnson has been a huge disappointment as he kowtows to Biden and begs daily for a trade deal. Good luck with that, Biden and Harris who value the EU over the UK will make sure that Britain gets fucked badly with an excruciatingly nasty deal that won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on.

There are lots of things to look for in the next four years, a never ending Chinese pandemic that will eviscerate whole communities and be used by the controllers to bring in their evil agendas of enslavement, and the Biden Harris dystopian nightmare that will make the fall of Rome look like a fucking picnic.

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