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Election Fraud: Swamp Creature ‘journalist’ Reamed by Senator Rand Paul

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Senator Rand Paul showed ABC socialist activist George Stephanopoulos where to go with his biased partisan opinion.


Where real journalists look at a subject relatively in an objective manner, considering both sides of any opinion, swamp creature propagandist activists masquerading as ‘journalists’, have no argument, they just call people ‘liars’ without any justification.

One has to praise Senator Rand Paul for his tenacity in the face of such a disgraceful onslaught from ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, a piece of shit so divisive and cowardly, it is time he was flushed back into the swamp where he belongs.

The American news stations discarded real journalism decades ago, and Stephanopouloshit is a prime example of partisan biased activism — not journalism.

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