Think Tank: People Need to Realise That World Will Never Revert to Pre-Virus Times Ever Again

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The masses will need to learn that the pre-pandemic lifestyle and economy will never come around again, as the pandemic continues towards its goal of the Great Reset.

Leading think tank on the coronavirus pandemic – Pandemic Institute of Sequential Solutions (PISS) has released a new advisory non-governmental paper outlining future developments which will occur due to the global pandemic.

“The masses seem to be caught up in their holidays, their pubs and High Street shopping. The public still does not understand that the globe pre-2019 will not be repeated ever again — that consumerist world will completely disappear by 2024.

“There will be very few hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, tourist vacation spots, or hospitality industry left in a few years time. The only places left will be for the ultra-rich billionaires and high ranking governmental officials. International air travel will be eradicated for the masses, and only be available for high ranking world government officials and the very rich.

“The globe is entering a post-consumerist age where private property owned by the masses will be eradicated completely. The ownership of land or property will be eradicated in 99% of the population. The Covid-19 pandemic was planned many years ago, as was the Great Reset.


“We conceive that there will be multiple viral pandemics, and many variant mutations, some running across the globe concurrently overlapping each other. Due to the multiple variants, vaccines created for one strain will be deemed obsolete for others. Even if people are vaccinated, they will still be able to contract one or more variants of the virus.

“Lockdowns do work, however they are detrimental to many businesses, and there are humans who will rebel to the order to stay home. Those who are unprepared, and unresponsive to wearing proper N95 rated masks will eventually perish, because one strain or other will eventually infect them, and depending on their genetic makeup to any particular strain, irrespective of age, will die.

“Wearing a mask in public is not good enough, the viral particles in the air can land on the surface of the eye, especially as the majority of people do not wear eye protection, this will ensure the virus continues spreading far and wide. The virus can also be transmitted via bodily fluids, therefore people who indulge in any sexual activity are in danger of contracting/spreading the virus. Drinking any form of alcohol diminishes the efficacy of any covid vaccine.

“Schools, and children are by far the biggest spreaders of the virus, and as long as educational institutes remain open, the virus will continue to spread far and wide. This mass proliferation of the virus in educational establishments is mainly due to the asymptomatic spread of the virus carried by the youth to adults. As the mutations increase however, we could easily see an increase in deaths of children as well, due to the mutation increasing its potency and specifically attacking the genetic sequences of younger humans.

“The globalist controllers will utilise the pandemic to bring upon the world, something they call the Great Reset. Once the global population is whittled down over a period of decades, they will fully implement their plan to introduce their eco reset, which will involve many points mentioned earlier, for example, the eradication of private property for the remaining masses.

“The earth is still in the preliminary stages of the pandemic, as many decades are ahead of the global purge. This will be a controlled reduction in the population, and governments in the West will also have to deal with significant reduction in GDP, as well as tax revenue. Led by China, the Western governments will follow its economic might, as they capitulate to the strength of the communist totalitarian regime. China brought their virus into the global community for a reason, and it will benefit them solely to the detriment of all other nations. Biden’s recent instatement will be the signal for the Chinese pandemic plan of the Great Reset to go ahead full steam.”