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Copout27: Don’t Ever Mention China Pollution

SHARM EL SHEIKH - Egypt - It's another year, and another load of empty promises for delegates attending Copout27.

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You never get a brainwashed Marxist eco zealot from Just Stop Oil daring to ask China to stop building 100 coal-fired powers stations a day, do you? Instead, these miscreant little Hitlers and Marxists want to blockade the tiny island of Britain, which in pollution terms is not even a squeaky fart compared to the amount of stuff China throws into the atmosphere. Welcome to Copout27, another load of fucking bollocks that will involve nothing much — apart from talking, more talking and promising things that will never be implemented.

The assorted fat cat United Nations officials and premieres from assorted nations all pat each other on the back before they retire to their luxurious hotel suites and order up a few young gazelles to exploit.

Corruption, treachery, dishonour and most of all lies are on the menu, as the empty promises flow through the halls of inequity supposed to ‘save humanity’.

“I cannot wait till the next Copout meeting next year when we will talk about the same shit, eat the same gourmet food and then go back home in our private jets while nothing changes,” one American delegate revealed.

Rinse and repeat ad infinitum.

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