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Global Warming Scientist Freezes to Death

WASHINGTON DC - USA - One of the scientists who prepared the notorious 'global warming' dossier has frozen to death in a tragic accident reports claim.

The leading scientist, who was championed by carbon tax offices all over the western world, was found dead this morning after taking his dog for a walk.

“We recovered the frozen body of a man this morning. Luckily his dog survived and was recovered from under the man. The man’s body was totally frozen and is now in the morgue thawing out. We’re going to have to wait a few days to do the post mortem to see what happened but we reckon he froze to f*cking death,” Lieutenant Frank Rizolli for the Washington Police Department told ABC news.

“Global Warming”

The scientist, who held lucrative contracts with top government agencies, was one of the pioneers of the ‘global warming’ theory and was to be honoured with a ‘global warming’ prize by Al Gore next week, sadly, due to the tragic circumstances it will have to be cancelled.

“He was a great man because he fooled large swathes of the population to eat up the global warming agenda without question and to engender mass control through fear. Unfortunately for us, we will now have to find another method to produce mass hysteria in the world’s populations. I guess another 911 style attack, maybe a war with Iran or even an alien attack. Sheesh, back to the drawing board eh,” a discouraged Pentagon official told CNN today.

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