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Al Gore Disappears Into Polar Vortex Never to be Seen Again

MICHIGAN - USA - Global warming activist Al Gore has sadly disappeared into the polar vortex and is still missing.

How to Warm Yourself During the Freezing Global Warming

ANTARCTICA - The freezing global warming weather across the planet is a testament to a fraudulent scheme that has gone very wrong.

10 Great Reasons For Population Control

LONDON - England - Unnecessary over population of the planet is a delicate subject but must be addressed. Here are ten reasons why population control is the only way to ensure the continuing peaceful existence of humans on earth. The list was compiled by an unknown agency and delivered as an open communication on the internet.

Al Gore Expedition to North Pole Delayed By Ice

ALASKA - USA - Former vice president Al Gore has had to retreat back to Alaska after an unforeseen turn of events befell his Arctic expedition.

Britons Worried About That Global Cooling Thing

LONDON - England - The embattled people of Britain are rather weary about all this talk about Global Cooling going on as of late.

What the Kardashians Won't Tell You

LOS ANGELES - USA - Are Americans sleep walking into a Totalitarian Scientific Dictatorship or is everything OK?

Frozen Pensioner Prays For Global Warming

LONDON - England - An East London man is today praying that global warming happens soon, and is holding a public prayer session in the streets.

Al Gore Satanic Heavy Metal Fetish Cited in Tipper Gore Divorce

NASHVILLE - USA - Al Gore would rock out to 'satanic' heavy metal bands and perform rituals in the family home, divorce lawyers for ex-wife Tipper Gore have revealed.

Global Warming Scientist Freezes to Death

WASHINGTON DC - USA - One of the scientists who prepared the notorious 'global warming' dossier has frozen to death in a tragic accident reports claim.

Snow Blizzards Hit Copenhagen Global Warming Summit

COPENHAGEN - Denmark - The freezing weather and snow has brought the spectre of dangerous temperature rises to the Global Warming summit.

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