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How to Warm Yourself During the Freezing Global Warming

ANTARCTICA - The freezing global warming weather across the planet is a testament to a fraudulent scheme that has gone very wrong.

Well, you’re off to a good start, you’re reading the Daily Squib. As the global warming scientists are still stuck in the ice and the rescue ship is stuck as well, you may be getting second thoughts about that freezing global warming thing.

We don’t like to ring our own bell here at the Squib (right) but we kind of knew it was a global warming scam a while back but that’s just the thing with satire, is it true or false, did it make you think, does it look into the future? If so, then we did our job unlike the regular news which feeds you controlled propaganda day in day out.

Well, as promised, here’s how to warm yourself during the freezing global warming we’re having now.

Warm yourself with the thought that global warming was a big scam to create eco taxes. It was not created by scientists but its creation was conjured up by some society or other to make you feel bad for reproducing, for being human and polluting the world with your existence. Along with carbon taxes, huge increases in eco taxes and of course how could we forget the Al Gore film that made him a stonking $300 million, global warming was an amazing money maker. As for the suckers who fell for it, you fall for everything else so global warming was just another progression. Voting for Obama — twice. Now that’s dumb. You get what you vote for, as the saying goes.

Naturally the earth’s climate does change over millions of years, and there has been some impact from human intervention, but don’t forget, the people who made those factories and plundered the earth are the ones who want to eco tax the populace now saying it is their fault. Taxing people for natural atmospheric changes was the biggest most lucrative scam ever conducted and they pulled it off beautifully.

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