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George W Bush to Visit Al Qaeda Controlled Fallujah

TEXAS - USA - Former U.S. president George W Bush is going to visit the Iraqi city of Fallujah which is now under Al Qaeda control as is much of Iraq.


“I want to see how my Mission Accomplished thing is going,” the president said from his Texas ranch.

The former president is going to put the paint brushes down momentarily and travel first to Baghdad which has the only safe zone in the country, measuring 10 square kilometres. From there he will take a helicopter directly to Al Qaeda controlled Fallujah.

Security contractor Niles Dean from Dirtwater Military said: “We’re just going to fly over Fallujah and show Mr Bush what freedom looks like for the Iraqi people. There’s no way we can land in that place with the savages roaming.”

Since the 2003 US liberation of Iraq things sure have changed.

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