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5 Ways to Handle January 6 Officially the Most Depressing Day in the Year

LONDON - England - Today is January 6 officially the most depressing day of the year. We give you some tips on how to survive it.

Okay, first of all back away from the razor blades, that shit is not helpful.

January 6 Aaaargh!!!!

1) Don’t read the Daily Squib. Okay, not many people read it anyway, but if you somehow come across a Squib story somewhere, just ignore it. Oh, you do that already do you? Aw shucks.

2) Don’t think about nice things like opening Christmas presents, drinking loads of booze and stuffing yourself with grub. You now have to go back to work and pay the bills…ouch.

3) Here’s a good trick…er..try and be cheery, think positive thoughts like how tax freedom day will be in August this year.

4) Don’t you dare think too much. It’s frankly depressing, just keep working…that is if you have a job.

5) Say fuck it, leave your job and go on an extended holiday forever. Just got to win the lottery first damn it.

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