Al Gore Expedition to North Pole Delayed By Ice

ALASKA - USA - Former vice president Al Gore has had to retreat back to Alaska after an unforeseen turn of events befell his Arctic expedition.

“In 2007 I predicted that the ice in the North Pole would completely melt by 2013. Well, our expedition has come up against huge walls of new ice growth in the Antarctic and we can’t go ahead because there’s so much frickin’ ice everywhere,” a baffled Mr Gore told local news stations in Alaska where his team has retreated.

Mr Gore’s 2007 film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ in which he peddled a much hailed green agenda has sadly not come true, however at least he made over $45 million from the film.

“It’s like my mansion in Nashville. I use up more electricity in one day in that place than a regular American uses up in one year. But I want to tell you, it’s for the good of the planet. I’m researching ideas about global warming so that I can make even more money from you suckers. Jeez, it’s freezing in here, Andre get me a blanket, it must be that global warming again.”

Let’s hope the ice caps melt soon so that Mr Gore can be vindicated.