Obama: No More Guns For You Guys

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Americans must be prepared to disarm and repeal their gun rights according to Obama's 28th Amendment.

“I hereby warrant the 28th Amendment which will overrule the United States 2nd amendment right to bear arms. Too many shootings, too many lives lost. Think of the children. I think it’s about time folks gave up their arms so that we the State can be the only ones with them, and don’t forget the criminals too. Just a slight oversight on that point,” President Obama said from a Washington gun shop today.

News of more deaths from the latest mass shooting immediately brought calls for complete gun control of ordinary Americans.

Senator Feinstein, a staunch anti-gun advocate from the Democrat party immediately stepped in and told reporters: “Mr and Mrs America. We’re going to take your guns. Time’s up, leave them at the door on your way out. When the ATF comes to your homes, just stand aside and comply to their orders. You’ve got two choices, give ’em up or get shot trying to uphold the now defunct 2nd amendment.”

The Obama 28th Amendment will come into law by next Thursday and it simply states that the 2nd Amendment was a big lie.