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Man Makes Friends In Real World

LONDON - England - A man from Tulse Hill, South London today spoke to some people in the real world and had a conversation.

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“I looked at the people I met today with my own eyes and I spoke to them with my voice. It was a wonderful feeling. I actually could look at them, I sat down in a chair and spoke about things that I would never speak about on social networking sites. I could see body language, I could smell them, and I could hear what they said with my own ears. We then agreed to meet again for a drink some time in the future. I then did something truly amazing, I picked up a telephone with some old numbers I had discarded a long time ago. I phoned up these people and spoke to them on the telephone. Oh the joy of it. I could hear what they said and there were no LOLs or ROFLMAOs. I was not for one second forced to look at someone’s baby pictures or their latest holiday snaps in the Bahamas. I did not have to worry about an ex-girlfriend breathing down my neck, or my boss listening to my conversation. I am truly awe struck by this new concept of reality,” the man revealed to the BBC.

As millions of people are empowering themselves to drop the social networking control system, the shackles of permanent surveillance are being immediately lifted and freedom is beckoning these poor enslaved individuals.

“I had 3,500 ‘friends’ on social media. I didn’t know one single person there. It is a very lonely place, because one has to conform to every one else’s ideals and speech patterns. Not only that, my words and images were tracked and used against me by companies and governments. If you make a social mistake it lives on the internet forever, there is no privacy, you only have one chance to do things so the pressure was immense. No wonder thousands of teenagers are taking their lives, they can’t live with themselves after having their mistakes posted all over the place. It shouldn’t have to be like that as all humans growing up make mistakes. It is all part of the growing up process, but on social media it can be a fatal error, and if you’re a vulnerable teen, then things can get bad. Let’s just say when I left Facebook, I was so relieved it was like a big weight off my shoulders,” teenager, Angela Brinksworth, revealed to the Daily Mail.

You too can make the big jump from social media enslavement, just follow these two very simple steps.

1) Walk into any public place in the world and look around. Listen to the voices of people, this is the real world. You can connect with people in a meaningful way in reality. You must then go home and switch on your computer and go onto the next step.

2) Delete your social surveillance account and all the information in it. If you have genuine friends on there, meet them in person or telephone them. Pat yourself on the back for your bravery, you have averted perpetual slavery and you are now free.

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