FED EMERGENCY: QE 6 and Counting

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - You know there's something very wrong when the Federal Reserve has to continue printing $86 Billion per month of fake money into the U.S. economy.

“Red light, emergency, DEFCON 12, SOS, Help, Achtung!” U.S. Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke told Congress today as he hailed yet another round of funny money.

Now is the time for preperations, it seems this is what the powers that be want, because when the QE stops, it would be better for you and your family to be in a shelter far away from anything with plenty of food and water.

“There’s going to be a big reality check when the funny money printing ends. Hyperinflation that will render all commodities out of reach for the ordinary American. Already, a sizeable portion of the American public are on food stamps and in poverty; what happens when funding for welfare dries up as well? The U.S. is in serious financial difficulty here with notional off-balance-sheet commitments of $70 trillion as of 2012, and artificially printing money is only making things worse, besides who gets the QE money? You and I don’t that’s for sure, it’s the bankers and financial industry that gets the money. The ordinary person doesn’t even get a look in, small businesses get nothing, schools get nothing and the everyday worker gets nothing. Quantitative Easing will lead to your loaf of bread skyrocketing to $150. How about filling your Escalade’s gas tank with $1800 worth of gas? Do you know what I’m saying here? This is bad shit man. We goin’ down folks. This ain’t gonna end pretty. No food to eat, no help, nothing,” a former small business owner, now unemployed told Fox news.

Now you can see why Homeland Security have been buying up all those hollow-point bullets.