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New Device Shows How Many Social Media Likes You Have On Forehead

LAS VEGAS - USA - A new startup company has come up with a novel idea that is sure to engage even more people into the social media revolution.

“You strap this holographic display device onto your forehead and when you walk the streets, it will display how many likes and social media friends you have. It’s equivalent to a peacock ruffling their feathers, and if you come across someone who is unpopular, i.e. less than 300 friends, it alerts you with an audible beeping sound telling you to steer clear of them. If you meet someone on the street that you know on social media it plays gentle music and chirps excitedly. If you’ve got someone on your blacklist close by, it warns you when you are within 15 feet of them. We think it’s going to be a real hit,” Josh Weinzucker the CEO and brainchild of the startup told Tech Now magazine.

The new social media forehead device promises to bring social media into the real world and not just stuck in a smartphone or tablet.

“We don’t want people stuck in the box. Our social media displays can be seen from 500m away and glow brightly at night. In a few months after release we anticipate millions of people walking the streets with these wonderful contraptions strapped to their heads,” chief programmer, Ted Gantz, told CNN.

The device called the iLike will be released worldwide in January 2014.

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  1. Holographic tech is still in its early years I bet the image is not so clear. Can you see it on a sunny day now that's the true test?

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