Obama Sending Miley Cyrus to Syria to Clean Up Chemical Weapons

NASHVILLE - USA - Pop starlet, Miley Cyrus will be sent to Syria for the proposed chemical weapon cleanup say Pentagon officials.

“We heard she’s got a tongue that can lick anything up. President Obamo called me on the phone and told me to get Cyrus over to Assad land and lick all that chemical stuff up so that he can’t gas his people anymore,” Pentagon official, Donald Sarynne told CNN.

During Cyrus’s trip she will be tailed by MTV who plan on making a reality show series.

Many people have been cheered by the good news and expressed their delight that Cyrus will be busy elsewhere.

“Hopefully we won’t hear from her for awhile, she’ll be licking all those chemicals up. It’s gonna take her years, and years.” Brad Laputo, a long suffering American TV watcher revealed on Saturday.

As for John Kerry, he showed his approval of the project when his toupee twitched, then flipped on his bald spot and landed back on his head, all on live TV of course.