Britons Worried About That Global Cooling Thing

LONDON - England - The embattled people of Britain are rather weary about all this talk about Global Cooling going on as of late.

Mavis Bernbridge, an 89-year-old grandmother from Stoke on Trent told the BBC: “Global cooling? Now they’re talking about that. It’s bloody freezing up here anyway and it’s summer. It rains all the bloody time, I can’t even put my washing out on the blasted line. I’m sick of it, we want global warming not bloody global cooling.”

The Met office also gave a warning of how global cooling could affect Britain’s wonderful weather.

“Let’s see, we get rain and cold temperatures approximately 340 days in a year. So when that global cooling stuff kicks in, we’ll get it on every single blasted day with temperatures that will freeze your nackers off and don’t forget the snow as well, plenty of that, check out your train times, and all that.”