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Al Gore Disappears Into Polar Vortex Never to be Seen Again

MICHIGAN - USA - Global warming activist Al Gore has sadly disappeared into the polar vortex and is still missing.

There is something to be said about divine intervention, and it has finally happened with global warming enthusiast Al Gore being sucked into a freezing polar vortex somewhere in the Midwest.

According to one of Gore’s assistants he was somewhere between Muskegon and Kalamazoo when the polar vortex swallowed the Democrat ex vice president into the freezing vortex. Gore was out in the wilds looking to find some evidence of global warming.

There was only one witness to the terrible tragedy, Lewis Dunce, 53, a beet farmer who watched from his shack told local news stations about the tragic vortexing accident.

“The winds were crazy wild. I saw that man, he was dressed in shorts, a Hawaiian shirt and sandals, looked like he had a sun hat on as well and sunglasses. He was walking through the snow and winds and then that was it, he just flew up into the sky with all the snow and ice. Must be that global warming huh, that sure puts the pig meat in the fire!”

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