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Greta Thunberg Climate Action – Global Warming Can Only Be Cured by Mass Population Reduction

NEW YORK - USA - Climate change mascot, Greta Thunberg has made a passionate plea for the reduction of global emissions. This can only be achieved by reducing the global population by 80%.


The sense of urgency communicated by Climate Change mascot Greta Thunberg is a breath of fresh carbon dioxide within a world obsessed only by economic gain.

The fact is that global population levels must be decreased by over 80% for even a fleeting chance of survival of the ecosystem on this planet. China and India currently account for about 37% of the entire global population of roughly 7.7 billion, with China currently home to about 1.4 billion people and India to 1.3 billion. These vast population levels, especially in developing nations and Third World countries pose a serious threat to our environment and finite resources that are being depleted daily. The amount of pollution that these two nations alone create is a very serious danger to our environment.

The USA makes up less than 5% of the global population yet uses over 60% of global resources.


Overpopulation only creates misery, terror, mass pollution, disease, climate change, global warming, destruction of finite resources, and ultimately extinction.

Global governments must now concentrate on increasing the levels of abortion, encouraging homosexuality, encouraging transgenderism, encouraging state sanctioned sterilization and educating humans to stop breeding.

Homosexuality is a great weapon against overpopulation because it encourages the spread of AIDS, and reduces breeding in humans. Although it is fully encouraged in the West, it must now be encouraged in Third World and developing nations, so that populations may be indoctrinated from youth to champion it like they do in the West. Transgenderism should also be pushed in Third World and developing nations as it is in the West to reduce breeding further.

The methods outlined are far too slow, however regarding the urgency required by climate activists like Greta Thunberg, war and disease are the most effective and fast cures for climate change, simply because of their speedy efficiency in reducing overpopulation.

Reduction of the human population will ease the process of climate change; eradicate most of the pollution, reduce human misery, reduce poverty hunger, reduce waste, reduce factory farming, reduce terror and war, reduce pestilence disease, allow nature to heal. Even if the levels of global population are reduced to sustainable levels, there will have to be strict control of global breeding post purge so that overpopulation never occurs again.

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