fart rumbled kenya
The very moment the fart provocateur is rumbled

A heated debate about market stalls was disrupted by a foul fart smell and furious finger-pointing at a Kenyan regional assembly on Friday, resulting in the arrest of one of the council members.

“Honourable Speaker, one of us has polluted the air and I know who it is,” Kinuka Mkundu reportedly told the Homo Bay county assembly.

But the member he accused of the fart is said to have replied:

“I am not the one. I cannot do such a thing in front of my colleagues. He who smelled it — dealt it!”

Hoping to clear the air, the assembly’s Speaker Kinuka Uchi then instructed members to step outside and take a break from the fart infused chamber.


The offending anus was soon discovered, and the official detained under Kenyan regulations that limit global methane emissions under fart ordinance 6523b, enacted in March 2018.

The debate was allowed to continue after the conference room was sprayed with air fresheners and the offending councillor removed and detained until a court hearing in September.

Global methane emissions from farting are a serious threat to the earth’s atmosphere, and if not reduced will cause a mass extinction of all life on earth, is what climate activist, Al Gore has stipulated.