Experts: Why Climate Change/Overpopulation Cannot Be Solved With China and India Growth

LONDON - England - The Global Overpopulation Deactivation think tank has released another paper urging increased urgency in working towards reduction of overpopulation in China and India as well as other overpopulated areas of the world.

As long as China and India continue to expand their population there is little or no chance of any form of respite for the earth’s climate, irrespective of any measures that may be implemented by responsible Western developed nations.

China currently has a population of 1,268,853,362 whilst India has 1,004,124,224 growing daily. These two nations are pumping out vast amounts of noxious, poisonous gases into the atmosphere, and contributing to pollution that defies measurement causing irreparable damage to the ozone and environment.

The term climate change is synonomous with over-population, they are one and the same. Overpopulation contributes to increases in carbon gases, pollution and destruction of the environment and finite resources.

Malthusian Nightmare

How do we tackle the problem of overpopulation?

The respective governments involved must increase the methods and technique of population control by speeding up sterilisation, abortion, euthanasia, contraception. Compulsory sterilisation is also an option if populations are not decreased sufficiently, and there are programs in India already enforcing this technique.

Every person in China and India wants a top-of-the-range SUV to drive. They want what they see in wealthy nations. They want to live the Western idealistic lifestyle.

The proliferation of war is another technique to reduce populations as well as instances of disease and viruses, whether man-made or natural. These techniques, however are intermittent and not consistent methods of population reduction.

Until the population of these polluting countries are decreased by large numbers, the planet and its resources are in danger, as is the rest of the responsible population of other nations.

For the planet to survive, these offending nations must implement an immediate ban on breeding, as strong as this may sound, if this is not implemented immediately, the rest of the earth’s environment has little or no chance of survival as pollution spreads through the atmosphere.

Chinese and Indian pollution encompasses the entire globe and is a direct threat to the environment and all life on planet earth.