Greeks Ready For Austerity Until 2057

ATHENS - Greece - July has been a good month for the Greeks, they signed away their freedom and will endure austerity until 2057. What's there not to be positive about?

The Greek people are ready to endure austerity until the year 2057, Alexis Tsipras has told Greek newspapers condemning the people to years of hardship and toil with no hope of exit from misery.

“I have signed away the future of your grandchildren, and their grandchildren. I am proud to have signed the deal that will secure Greece’s enslavement for many years to come,” Tsipras proudly stated on Sunday.

The Greeks have been largely sanguine about the whole sorry affair and accept their fate with a shrug of the shoulders.

“As long as we don’t have to work, this deal is okay with me. I get my EU subsidies and welfare so there is no problem,” a Greek farmer revealed to the Kathimerini newspaper.