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Romney to House Wives in East Wing After Election

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is already making plans for his 23 wives who will have their quarters in the White House East Wing, Republican campaigners have announced.

Obama Brewing Own White House Kool-Aid

WASHINGTON DC - USA - This is just the news his followers want to hear, how Obama is brewing his own White house brand of Kool-Aid.

Romney Will Send Bust of Karl Marx Back When Obama Leaves...

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Mitt Romney has vowed to send back the bust of Karl Marx which holds pride of place in the White House on Obama's desk in the Oval Room.

Obama Speech in Denver Rallies Workers to His Cause

DENVER - USA - President Barack Obama told a cheering crowd of thousands on Wednesday that opponent Mitt Romney would return the country's economy to an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods, characterised by a free competitive market and motivation by profit, adding: "Colorado, you've got to make sure that does not happen."

Policy Institute: War With Iran Would Ensure Obama Second Term

WASHINGTON DC - USA - An International Policy Institute expert has revealed that a protracted war with Iran would be the ultimate insurance for an Obama second term.

Romney Not Ready For US Presidency

LONDON - England - Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has accepted that he is not ready for the U.S. Presidency in an interview for NBC.

Why Obama Has to Finish His American European Project

WASHINGTON DC - USA - President Barack Obama is only part through the project he embarked on when he begun his presidency -- the Europeanization of America.

Obama and Romney United Nations Disarmament of America’s Guns

NEW YORK - USA - The United Nations will be utilised by whoever is elected in the next US election to disarm the American people for their own safety.

Obama's American Dream a Mirage

WASHINGTON DC - USA - No one knows where Obama came from, who put him in power as President of the United States, or how he got into the position he is in now? The fact is that President Barack Hussein Obama is here now, and he wants a second term.

How is Romney Going to React Under Pressure As President?

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Does the world really need a cult member in charge of a nuclear arsenal in a world of hate and trouble?

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