Obama's American Dream a Mirage

WASHINGTON DC - USA - No one knows where Obama came from, who put him in power as President of the United States, or how he got into the position he is in now? The fact is that President Barack Hussein Obama is here now, and he wants a second term.

After telling the American people that the ‘American Dream’ is a mirage created by the US Government, President Obama is living proof that the ‘American Dream’ never existed in the first place or ever will.

“What is the American Dream? It is the national ethos of the United States. Where citizens of the United States, irrespective of social class or birth, have the freedom and opportunities to create career and business success, as well as prosperity for themselves and their families. Hard work in American society is supposedly rewarded with upward social mobility,” Harvard professor of business, Dr. Sean Lementswell, told the New York Times

How much does the state have a hand in a single American’s success?

According to Obama, the government contributes everything to the success of those in America who are deemed as living the ‘American Dream’.

Obama is the living proof that the state is omnipresent in every facet of American life.

“Who put him in power? First of all, who is Obama? No one really knows that apart from a few people in a darkened room somewhere, maybe in the Pentagon. Obama did not get to where he is by the ideals of the American Dream, he was put in place by very powerful people with a specific agenda. We do not even have an answer to Obama’s Connecticut social security number, or his citizenship or anything else. Everything about this guy is made up. He appeared out of nowhere in the 2008 elections. No one knew who he was, all they saw was the colour of his skin. That’s it!” Albert Finklestein, a political commentator in Washington told the Washington Herald.

When Obama is re-elected in November 2012, he will not be living the American Dream then either, because the people who will put him back in power will know very well of how they completed their mission.