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Austerity = Poverty Say Experts

PARIS - France - A group of academics have revealed the true meaning of 'austerity'.

“Austerity actually means ‘poverty’. It is just that the unelected politicians in the EU can never tell the people the truth, even though the people kind of know the truth already. Furthermore, if one looks at the austerity drive in the European continent, the poverty also extends to richer nations within the EU. For example, in Germany, which used to be a rich country, under the new EU rules, the riches from these countries will be redistributed evenly for the poor EU countries, so, austerity/poverty, is for all — not just the few. Look at France, 75% tax for the rich, will be redistributed to lowest classes as free money, even though the poorest will still be poor, they will have some small crumbs to sate their starving mouths, the previously rich will also be poor as 75% of their income will be immediately removed from their pockets and wasted on welfare. This is austerity, it just means poverty. It is a very simple concept. If one removes wealth and happiness from people, you create a mass of misery, and this is what the EU wants. It is better for everyone to be poor as one whole group, then to have a vast gap between rich and poor. Of course, one must realise that the unelected bureaucrats who run the EU will never be austere. They have large six figure salaries, diamond pensions, expense accounts and free flights to anywhere in the world. Your poverty is their gain,” Emmanuel Breton, a French socio-political scientist at the Institute of Policy Research in Paris told Le Monde.

Meanwhile as poverty spreads across the EU, the unrest is also spreading across the global markets. More poverty for us all, even outside the EU.

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