Extreme Feminists Growing Hairy Chests Say Scientists

BOSTON - USA - There is pride amongst extreme feminists around the world as new studies reveal news that being a feminist can result in a hairy chest.

“These women want to be men so much that eventually the body takes over and some of their characteristics become more masculine. They somehow start to grow hairy chests through a sudden increase in testosterone production. The hair usually grows in between their breasts and in some cases over the actual mammary glands. The new phenomenon only pertains towards feminists, especially the really militant ones,” professor Dean R. Harold, who is overseeing the MIT study on Feminism, told New Scientist magazine.

Jane Tremende, 36, a militant feminist from Boston said: “We all know that feminism is the belief that both sexes will become equal by focusing solely on one of them, and that, I as a feminist, am here to tell you that I have a very hairy chest and am proud of it.”

The study research paper collated data from over 30,000 feminists during a ten year period from all walks of life, and concluded the terrifying results only last week.

Since then there have been dozens of feminist groups cropping up showing off their hairy chests to all and sundry.

“We are not attractive to men anyway, so growing a hairy chest empowers us as women. We want to be men so much, we are better than men actually, but we really, really want to be like them,” Ms Tremende added.

So what started the hairy feminist chest phenomenon?