AnaCondi: "I'm Back!"

WASHINGTON DC - USA - The Republicans have an old weapon up their sleeve, an ace card that they've been saving till last -- Condoleezza Rice, the new Vice President, coming soon to a town near you.

When Condi walks into a room, you freeze, she has a power about her that makes your spine seize up and you start stuttering madly trying to get your words out. She is certainly elegant as she slithers in between the furniture, and even though she may seem mild mannered at first, one look from her vertical pupils and you know there is not one inch of compassion in those cold reptilian eyes.

“I seen Condi, you know, kind of shape shift sometimes. She is a similar to Hillary Clinton but more deadly. If you blink, you would miss it, but look into her eyes and you will realise that her soul is very different to that of a human’s. This is no David Icke bullshit or Alex Jones selling products shit, this is real. Condi is not human. You look at the eyes folks, they’re the window of the soul. They can try and disguise their true selves as much as they want but if you can see the real deal, you will know what to look for,” Albert Eisentorfler, a conspiracy researcher told UFO Weekly magazine.

What will the global consequences be if Condi is appointed as the new Vice President of the United States? Who knows-s-s-s-s?