Obama Brewing Own White House Kool-Aid

WASHINGTON DC - USA - This is just the news his followers want to hear, how Obama is brewing his own White house brand of Kool-Aid.

“It’s just like 1978 all over again except we ain’t in Jonestown but Washington DC,” Jeb Marmuset, a reporter for CNN broadcast over the weekend.

According to Obama’s followers and campaign leaders, the president brews his own grape flavoured Kool-Aid and he likes to hand out the stuff to his fans on weekends.

“The president is great, he has these followers who come around, you know with that wild look in their eyes. If he says sit, they sit, if he says wave that placard, they wave. Now, when he says drink that Kool-Aid, they drink it up like it the best moonshine this side of Texas,” an observer of the Kool-Aid rituals conducted at the White House, told the Washington Post.

No one knows the exact ingredients of the Obama Kool-Aid recipe because it is a well kept White House secret.

“We want more people to drink the Kool-Aid. Keep drinking, and do not think for yourself. Uh, uh, did I just hear someone questioning the president? Just drink it up fools,” a White House aide was reported as saying during yet another Kool-Aid drinking session.

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