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Policy Institute: War With Iran Would Ensure Obama Second Term

WASHINGTON DC - USA - An International Policy Institute expert has revealed that a protracted war with Iran would be the ultimate insurance for an Obama second term.

“What you going to do during a major war with Iran? Vote for the other guy and make the war unstable? No, you vote for the same guy. It worked for Bush and it will work for this Obama guy,” Dr. Rubio Kellowack, who is the key spokesman for the Policy Institute think tank in Washington, said on Friday.

There are many clues to when the conflict will begin, especially the loose ends tied up in Syria with the impending downfall of Assad. Syria will be a key area strategically and militarily once defeated for the US and Israel to park their forces as well as use of their airspace, bypassing Turkey.

Preparations are also underway in moving US Naval forces within the reach of the Straits of Hormuz in the Persion Gulf so as to thwart any attempts at blockading the major oil route for tankers to the West. The US recently unveiled a new series of ‘bunker buster‘ bombs that could penetrate 200 feet of concrete, and these would be ideal for the vast Iranian nuclear complexes in places like Bushehr, Qom, Fordow and Natanz.

Obama will get his second term any way he can, if it involves capitulating to the constant Israeli whinging to bomb Iran, then so be it. Obama will go along with the Israelis as long as they ensure his second term, irrespective of Romney’s insipid attempts at presidency. Romney has shown himself to be a weak unpopular poor effort of a statesman with limited worldly understanding or grasp of the ordinary needs of his countrymen.

As to the effects of a sudden strike on Iran for the world economy, the Institute says that this would be at best minimal.

“You might get a little spike in the oil price but that can be tempered with our oil reserves. The US always has a large stockpile in case of moments like this,” Mr Kellowack added.

There are many variables involved in an Iranian attack, and possible foreseeable problems, for example, where does the radioactive fallout go if there is nuclear detonation? What happens if the US and Israel step on Russian toes during the attack? If the world economy suffers too much, then martial law will have to be introduced because of the breakdown in domestic and International order. The Russians and Chinese have all been instrumental in supporting Iranian nuclear aspirations, what if they decide to wade in and attack?

As long as Obama gets his second term, who cares?

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