How is Romney Going to React Under Pressure As President?

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Does the world really need a cult member in charge of a nuclear arsenal in a world of hate and trouble?

Call it Scientology or Mormonism, the truth is these are dangerous cults with wacky ideas about things. You could say that having science fiction as a belief system is the basis for insanity, and you would be f*cking right.

Mitt Romney is a devout Mormon who believes wholeheartedly that Jesus visited the American continent after his resurrection as told by the family of Lehi, whoever the hell they were.

Mormon’s also believe that Jesus is Satan’s brother and God lives near a planet called Kolob.

If you are a follower of Mormonism, the Garden of Eden was in Missouri, that is before the car parks and shopping malls were built.

Mormons also believe that black people are sinners and that’s why they were brought into this world with tainted black negro skin.

“I know that if it ever came down to serious confrontation in world Geo-politics, do you want someone who has crazy beliefs on the trigger finger or someone who does not blindly believe in nonsense? How can these people be rational if their cultish beliefs are totally irrational and border on insanity. This is the truth of the matter. Mitt Romney is a devout Mormon, therefore he wears special contraptions and underclothes beneath his everyday outer clothing, the guy is wacko, nuts, bazoingoed! Do you honestly believe that this guy can make a decision that does not involve hocus pocus weirdo ideas thought up by some toothbrush salesman in the American Midwest? That sh*t affects everything, it really does,” a disgruntled US voter told Fox news yesterday.

Romney may be good at business within his circles, because of his close knit Mormon church contacts, but that does not make him understand the world, macro-economics, or the nuances that go with every variable, every grey point of every situation.

“If someone has beliefs that are illogical and border on insanity, I do not ever expect them to make a correct decision under pressure. It is not feasible or valid, in any way. Let chaos reign when this guy wins the election. The American people will have made their decision, or maybe Diebold will have made it for them,” a Capitol Hill insider told the Washington Observer yesterday.

What if Romney decides to wage a war with the Scientologists on mainland USA after he is inaugurated as president? Who is going to win then? May the best cult win.