New Damien Hirst Artwork Causes Feeding Frenzy

LONDON - England - The Saatchi gallery has showcased Damien Hirst's latest piece of art, and the reviews are sensational.

“This is a spectacular piece of art. Holding back the urge to defenestrate as soon as I see a Hirst work, I am always amazed at the artist’s skill in quomodocunquization. One used to think Hirst was a contemptible barbaric rip-off merchant. I used to think Hirst was an aeolist. Oh how I was wrong about Damien. Seeing the formaldehyde cabinet for the first time, I rushed at it and waved my handkerchief over my head in abject surrender,” art critic for the Evening Standard, Julien Sewell, said in his daily column.

The new artwork has a price tag of $450 million and will be the priciest work Hirst has ever sold.

Represented by London’s Saatchi Gallery, the piece will be on show indefinitely.