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Greek Erinyes Fury at Germany Will Reap Its Revenge

BERLIN - Germany - Ratings agencies are set to downgrade Germany's previously solid AAA rating soon, and this will be Greece's ultimate revenge on the Northern Europeans.

The divine vengeance of the three Greek Goddesses, the Erinyes have taken their revenge on Germany, because the country will be downgraded by the ratings agencies soon.

As Alecto, Magaera and Tisiphone, bear their angry vengeance and grudge upon the German economy, this is the precursor for a major world recession so deep that it could last for the next forty years.

“All Germany had to do was agree to EU bonds and everything would be OK now. Instead, we’re going to take them down with us. We spent their money, they said we should pay it back, and now they’re in a huge mess. You cannot seriously expect a Greek to pay back the money he owes? Instead we send the three goddesses of vengeance and revenge to them. We will take down Germany with us,” Stavros Malakas, a Greek shop keeper in Athens told the EOKA Times.

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