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Robert Mugabe Invites David Cameron to Zimbabwe

HARARE - Zimbabwe - British PM David Cameron has been invited on a state visit to the East African country as a guest of Robert Mugabe.

“You’ve got the same kind of democracy as we have here in Zimbabwe. You order a halt to an EU referendum and take away the right of the people to vote and I do the same. It’s a wonderful way of doing things, I make the laws, the people have no say and I crush any dissent,” Mr Mugabe told the ZANU-PF Times.

Mr Cameron will go to Zimbabwe to be honoured for his courage in crushing the EU referendum, which means that there will be no vote or debate regarding the EU for another 40 years.

“What I and the Labour party have effectively done is silenced the British people for another forty or fifty years, and of course, by then it will be too late. I and my socialist friends have condemned the UK to be ravaged by further EU totalitarian laws and to be sucked into the maelstrom very soon. We might as well dissolve our parliament, because Brussels has been shown by the cowards who voted against a referendum that Britain is now a defeated former country,” Mr Cameron said, smiling traitorously.

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  1. Zimbabwe is not in East Africa, it is in South Africa (the region) right next to South Africa (the country).

  2. I am always amazed at the resemblence of Dave C to Hitler. Look at the pic, visualise the famous moustache, and voila, transformed. He could be his identical twin.

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