Cameron: "Scotland is Key to Britain Joining Euro Currency"

LONDON - England - David Cameron is planning a backdoor entry to the euro currency via Scotland, it has been revealed.

We have seen brief glimpses of what Cameron wants with the recent murmurings about Scottish independence from the United Kingdom and the much touted referendum.

“What are the Scots going to do about their currency if they gain full independence from the 300-year-old union between England and Scotland?” we hear Cameron saying at PMQ’s amongst all the caterwauling and braying.

Let us say that Scotland was to be allowed to gain independence, because if truth be told, they would have to be given permission by England to go their own way. Scotland would be forced to embrace the euro currency much like Southern Ireland has.

Unelected EU technocrats know that the euro currency will have now infected Britain and they will use Scotland as a pawn in their conquest over the whole island.

“I know what an independent euro currency using Scotland would mean to the United Kingdom’s Sterling. It would mean that the euro will be used on mainland Britain and eventually we will phase out our Great British pound. Slowly, slowly, is the motto. Once Scotland gains the euro currency, its value will soar and there will be a call from England’s populations to also adopt this currency. By then, it will be too late, and England will be captured under the snare of the EU Reich via the backdoor. One must understand, that to bring in any draconian measures, any government must work with the drip-feed method of introduction to the populations. We can’t just go barrelling in there with the euro, that won’t work, we have to first get the Scots to adopt it, then the rest of the former UK will follow,” Mr Cameron told the Guardian newspaper on Friday.

Once the whole of Britain is fully integrated within the single monetary system the EU will be complete and its strength will be assured. This euro conquest will obviously be the precursor for many losses of freedom for the ordinary people as more and more ridiculous laws will be introduced into the fascist EU conglomerate. 

“Once Britain is destroyed by the euro, we will introduce microchipping of the populations and the abolition of cash. Monetary union will result in huge re-distributions of wealth from the wealthy citizens and nations to the poor less productive ones, and the former Britain will have its culture completely destroyed by huge influxes of EU citizens from the lesser parts of the German-led EU empire. The populations are now willing to accept anything without question, and in the future they will not even realise what they are being told. Such is the docility and dumbing down of these populations as well as complete breakdowns of family life that they will have no choice but to accept what we tell them to do. One thing is for sure, Cameron and Clegg will get the best seat in the house when they pull this one off,” a faceless EU official from Brussels told the German, Reichstag news service, yesterday.