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Hollywood Studio Makes a Good Film

LOS ANGELES - USA - Hollywood moguls were patting themselves on the back today after making a film that people actually felt was worth paying to go and see.

“This is incredible. People paid to go and watch this movie because it was actually something special and was a good movie worth seeing in a cinema or forking over money for the DVD. We’re happy that for a change we created something worthwhile and not the useless pap we usually produce that no one cares about or wants to pay for,” Harvey Winklestein, studio boss of Winklestein Movie Studios, told LA Today.

Unfortunately, the recent success is a drop in the ocean as 99% of films released by Hollywood studios are awful remakes, Rom-Com template formulaic garbage, cutesy CGI cartoons, or re-hashed super hero films using the same old actors in the same old scripts.

With little goodness made in the studios, deluded Hollywood moguls are now trying to push their weight by shutting down the freedom of the internet with their fascistic SOPA rulings reminiscent of something from George Orwell’s 1984.

“We’re losing our money here. The public would prefer to flick through a film on the internet for free rather than pay huge amounts of cash to sit through an awful travesty of a film presented by some fat f*ck cigar sucking leech producer who drives a Bentley and talks loudly on cell phones in expensive Hollywood eateries. Oh shit, I’m talking about myself again,” Jacob Shmendrik, a top producer for Fox Studios told CBS news.

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