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David Cameron: "We Are Living in a Democracy"

MANCHESTER - England - The Prime Minister has shown his true colours at the Conservative Conference today by blatantly denying the British people a vote on an EU Referendum.

David Cameron is a Socialist and Will Never Agree to EU...

LONDON - England - It seems like the yellow stain of the Liberal Democrats has seeped into ex-Tory Cameron's soul, as he panders to the EU's every insane directive.

Unelected Comrade Brown Thanks 'British' People for Sleepwalking into EU Marxist...

SECTOR 08 - Sector 34 - Unelected supreme commander in chief, Comrade Gordon Brown, today thanked the British proletariat for sitting back and watching all of their hard-fought freedoms disappear down an EU plughole.

Blair Licking Lips for Irish EU Referendum ‘Yes’ Vote

Dublin - Ireland - Tony Blair was licking his lips at the thought of more power and money than he has ever dreamed about coming his way when the Irish ratify the Lisbon Treaty later today.

Brown Congratulates Mugabe for Winning Election

NEW YORK - USA - Unelected British leader Gordon Brown congratulated Robert Mugabe on winning re-election in Zimbabwe after losing the peoples vote in the recent election.

Lord Goldsmith Calls for ‘Britishness’ Day and Oaths to the EU

LONDON - England - In a land full of rotten rhetoric, suffocating taxes, no right to vote on a referendum, and gangs of feral thugs roaming the dangerous streets there have been calls from the unelected Prime Minister Brown to embrace 'Britishness'.

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