Unelected Comrade Brown Thanks 'British' People for Sleepwalking into EU Marxist State

SECTOR 08 - Sector 34 - Unelected supreme commander in chief, Comrade Gordon Brown, today thanked the British proletariat for sitting back and watching all of their hard-fought freedoms disappear down an EU plughole.

Speaking from what was previously called Trafalgar Square, now called the Peoples Red Square, Comrade Brown hailed the red hammer falling on the final nail in the coffin of British sovereignty.

“Your Ancestors Fought for Nothing”

“Comrades, today is a historic day in finally taking away every part of Britain that used to be British. Thanks to my signing away all of your rights, I have ensured that you will have no more cause for sovereign power or sovereign law. Your laws will now be solely dictated by unelected technocrats in Brussels as opposed to unelected bureaucrats in Whitehall.

“Comrades, under the new EU Soviet State, you will be told you are free every day and you will believe it as well. Remember, you are free to do as we tell you.

“Thanks to our Irish comrades in Sector 09, and the Czech comrades in Sector 13, the Lisbon Treaty of EU Marxist State Control was allowed to occur without any setbacks or delays.

“It was I, comrades, who also ensured the safe transition of Soviet collectivism within the old British capitalist state. I ensured the whole economy was ultimately bankrupted with crippling debts thanks to my useless spending splurges and idiotic wasteful schemes. It was I who ensured that Britain lost its sovereignty by agreeing to a referendum then reneging on the agreement thus betraying the British people forever.

“Thanks to the British people who offered no resistance whatsoever to my plans of throwing away the little freedoms you had. Please keep watching X Factor and Strictly Dancing. Do not wake up, and keep sleeping you useless f*cking sheep with no spines or guts. I shall reward you by increasing stealth taxes, fuel taxes and EU taxes as ordered by my bosses in Brussels. Have a nice f*cking winter of discontent in your cold, grey hovels of despair.

(applause from the assembled crowds and shouts of “Hail, comrade Brown! Hail, the supreme unelected leader!”)

After the unelected comrade’s triumphant speech, a cartload of Conservative MPs were wheeled out and hanged on the makeshift gallows. The highlight of the afternoon was the hanging of pretender to the throne, David Cameron, a capitalist agitator and enemy of the EU state. With the new EU directive and Lisbon treaty coming in to law, there will never be any need for any more ‘democratic’ elections or sovereign states separated from the EU Marx-State.

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