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David Cameron is a Socialist and Will Never Agree to EU Referendum

LONDON - England - It seems like the yellow stain of the Liberal Democrats has seeped into ex-Tory Cameron's soul, as he panders to the EU's every insane directive.

The EU is an insideous diabolical oppressive bully, a communistic fascist demonic entity that swallows whole nations and assimilates them into the evil collective of non-individualism.

Every day the EU comes out with some ridiculous directive that it orders its citizens to obey, and one must obey the evil totalitarian collective or they start bringing out nameless, faceless unelected EU officials with fancy names and large unlimited salaries. These bureaucrats will demand something and if not adhered to they start fining people until their will is imposed.

What has happened to Britain under its membership of the EU?

Britain’s rights have slowly been eroded because it signed up to be a trade partner and political partner but thankfully not part of the failed euro currency.

Britain does have a moat but that moat is slowly being filled and the horrible EU gloop that is crossing the drawbridge threatening thousands of years of history to be wiped out in one fell swoop.

Is this what the British people fought for for thousands of years, to be assimilated into the faceless collectivist f*ck hole that is the EU? To be told what to do by the French and Germans? The French let the Germans walk into Paris without one single shot being fired in WW2. They surrendered to the Germans all too willingly and now they have done the same with the EU. The Thousand Year Reich never died, it was simply retired for awhile but now it has been resurrected and is even more sinister than Hitler’s Germany.

At least with Hitler’s Germany you knew where you stood. The Nazis were a much more obvious face of fascism. The EU may be the same thing as Hitler’s Germany but it is a chameleon and it changes its colours very easily, appearance wise there are no guns and cannons out in the open, but underneath the facade, they do have guns, but prefer to fight for now with economic weaponry.

The future for Britain is under review. David Cameron, a supposed Conservative PM, is actually a socialist who is looking for Britain to enter fully into the EU as a major player.

Within Britain, the Scottish are staunch Europhiles, therefore the destruction that Gordon Brown meted out onto England during his reign can be understood better.

“Gordon Brown disarmed England by crippling it economically. He did so because he wants a weak England to be brought into the communistic collective of the EU and swallowed up whole. One must remember that what Brown did to England was a spectacular feat of destruction that no war with guns could have achieved. He completely ruined England’s economy and it may take them thirty or forty years to try and get out of it, but what do we care, we’re Welsh,” Welsh minister, Paul Evans, told the Welsh Assembly on Friday.

The hierarchy of the EU know that they will not be complete until England is forced to join as a triad, Germany, France and Britain. With Britain stripped of its national status and sovereignty, the EU will be very strong and will possibly supercede America’s waining star.

“The ultimate prize for us is Britain being forced to join the EU. We now have sympathisers like Cameron and Clegg so we will move quickly to make them join,” an unnamed EU official told France’s Le Figaro newspaper.

England is no more, Gordon Brown and his evil ogres made sure of that. And even though, there are a few voices within the socialist coalition calling for a referendum, where the people may actually get a say in getting out of the EU deathstar, it is a fait accompli mes amis, the deal was done many years ago. Cameron is not going to save you, he has already made the Mephistophelean deal to hand over the UK and there is nothing anyone or anything can do about it.

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  1. Hey man… Communist? resurrection of Hitler? WW2… Get a grip man, you are a racist with too many issues for living the 21st Century, maybe somebody who listen to Jethro Tull instead of the Beetles according to you should be shoot with no questions for traitor and working class citizen.

    Full your country with Hindus, Pakistanis, Chinese, Russians, Africans and Arabic and then charge the "foreigners" Europeans with all the guilt of your far right failure, the problems of Britain is because you spent the money in 2 wars that last more than 10 years and on the top of that you bailed out 400BN to your banks and by the way YOU dragged Europe and NATO into it.

    The solution? Oh yeah, more money for the rich, that will do.

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