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Obama: “Y’all Gonna Be Payin’ Tax Soon”

WASHINGTON DC - USA - President Obama wants American millionaires to pay half their yearly income in tax, and is pushing for a more European model of overall taxation.

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There’s a reason why Obama is so popular in Europe because he is now employing deep socialistic methods upon the Americans.

Austerity America

“They have for too long been living the life of Riley over there using up all the world’s resources and not giving anything back. Now they have to pay some tax for what they’re using up, it’s payback time, and now those Yanks might find out what it’s like to have 60% of what you earn taken away in taxation like the Europeans. Obama is doing a wonderful job,” a European parliamentarian told the BBC.

The wealthy of America are mainly white and this is why having Obama telling them to pay more tax adds a certain frissons’ to the proceeding tax-ageddon.

This is what your taxpayer dollars are paying for

Obama knows that making the American rich pay taxation will be unpopular but he will tout it as the only way to get out of the current mess the country is in.

Tax revenues in America are already severely restricted because 47% of the country earns too low an income to even pay federal income taxes.


The rich in America pay less tax than lower middle income workers, and Obama seeks to address the severe imbalance.

“It’s payback time for the rich in America. Obama wants these people to pay their fair share, so they should prepare themselves to part with 50-60% of their annual income. Once the new taxation is implemented, then maybe the huge deficit might feel a slight dent, although the way Obama is spending, this is very doubtful,” a key Revenue Service worker told CBS.

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  1. Yeah well, he wants to tax like a socialist country, but there's no medical care or anything else. Also maybe if he would quit GIVING AWAY half the fucking money to shitholes like PAKIshit we would have more. America has poor people on waiting lists to receive HIV medication but we send buttloads of FREE hiv medicine to africa, so those pieces of shit can live another 10 years and spread aids to 100 more people.

    He also wants to give BILLIONS to Egypt and forgive all their debt to 'help their democracy'' you know the one with the forced virginity tests on female protesters and murder christians in the streets every day? Yeah they're real democratic there, as long as you believe Sharia law is democratic. Obama is an idiot.

  2. As stated in the article:
    1) "47% of the country earns too low an income to even pay federal income taxes."
    2) "The rich in America pay less tax than lower middle income workers."
    The second statement is really only true for payroll taxes. That said, the top 2% of earners pay over 50% of all collected taxes. Given the first statement, that means the rich 2% are already footing the bill for that bottom 47%'s total government services. Don't see how they have a right to complain that it isn't enough.

  3. This whole fuckin world economic crisis has just highlighted what some have been saying for years and that is, there is an eneven distribution of wealth and that the rich must pay to help the poorer. Corporations need to pay people a fair wage in order to live, instead of creaming off all the profits to line their own pockets. People are not asking to be filthy rich, they just want enough to stay warm and eat. Is that so much to ask?

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