The French Surrender Easily But Will the British?

PARIS - France - Anyone who walks through the beautiful leafy boulevards of Paris will realise one thing -- they are perfectly intact. Not one single bomb was dropped on the French capital during World War II, for a very good reason, the French simply surrendered to Hitler's Nazis without a fight, the same can be said today in the EU.

The French government is now a puppet government of Germany, much like the Vichy government of World War II, and Nicolas Sarkozy, has effectively killed off France’s sovereign status. This time, however, there is no Charles de Gaulle left to denounce the Vichy Sarkozy government, instead, France has been completely left to the dogs, as surrender monkeys go, the French are now a defeated people.

“It is funny how there is little or no resistance to the EU from France. At least in World War II, there were little pockets of resistance helping the Allied forces against the Nazis, however, now these do not even exist. We French have basically surrendered once again to the might of Germany, without one single shot being fired. The question I would like to ask is, will le ros boeufs do the same? They have the Channel separating Britain from the European mainland, and that is the deciding factor. Can the Fascistic spirit of the EU jump across that body of water and infect Britain to the point of complete cowardly surrender, as the French and others have done? Is it possible?” Jean Pierre Francois, a political science lecturer at the Sorbonne told Le Figaro on Friday.

Europe’s seventeen capitulated former nations are now isolating Britain, not only in trade but in political doctrine. Either Britain succumbs to the fasci rods of Europe, as they are brought tighter and tighter, or they stay well out of the unholy union and suffer economic instability and denial of business.


The spendthrift Greeks tried to fight their corner with a referendum which has now been cancelled, and they are already lost, beaten by the mountain of debt they racked up so willingly. This debt tool for acquisition is, of course, a very well used technique throughout history, but it seems greed got the better of the profligate Greeks, and now they are going to pay with their former country to a life of abject slavery to their Germanic masters.

Britain also has been denied a referendum on the EU, not by Brussels but by its own so-called leaders like Cameron and Clegg, who will in the near future try to bring Britain into the Eurozone by implicit cowardice and deceit.

The French, during World War II, sipped coffee while the German soldiers used their country as a holiday resort, and their salopes readily welcomed German soldiers into their waiting arms as the trucks of French Jewish children were being publicly paraded through the streets en route to German extermination camps.

Lest we forget that the white cliffs of Dover are a symbol to the defeated French. In other words, ‘F*ck Off’ mes amis, take your garlic and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

  • Andrew Simson

    Are you laughing now? After that crazy muslim in Toulouse? Be careful when you wish ill on others myfriend it can happen to you as well!!!!

  • Tapau

    looks like tou were right Johnny English..the French have got a ticking timebomb on their hands. Look what happened with Monsiur Merah and the Toulouse shootings.

  • Jeysand

    You have time to lose with such rehashed, false, useless and idiot french bashing.
    Completely ridiculous and for sure, frnch bashing is a psychiatric disorder.
    Really pathetic.
    I think all the french bashers have an unconscious inferiority complex.

  • Duru

    Tres bon tres tres tres bon. Laissez les bon temps ruoler!That's about the extent of my French, but it pretty well covers what I want to say anyway.Oh yeah except forVIVE LA FRANCE!!

  • Duke

    If it wasn't for us Americans liberating all of you Eurpians you would all be speaking German right now so get over it.

    The US liberated France and you surrender monkeys can kiss my ass you owe us a debt of gratitude. Brits would of lost the war too if it wasn't for the US.

    We kicked Jurgens ass!

  • Laura

    I love these photos. Looks like the Parisians were doing pretty well during the Nazi rule. Happy days……–Nazi-Propaganda-Photos—Paris-during-WW2.html

  • GiroudTown

    You people reap what you sow. You viciously, proudly and gleefully display your loathing of French people on a regular basis.
    What the hell do you expect in return ? Flowers and a box of chocolates ?

    And French Muslims so far have never committed terrorist acts on French soil.

  • Johnny English

    Ahem, and you French of course do not have Muslims? What about the Algerian ghettos you build all over the place? Ever been to Marseilles? The French have failed miserably to integrate the Muslims and your population is a ticking timebomb.

  • GiroudTown

    Do you also remember how the British fled France their tails between their legs after their humiliating defeat during the battle of France ?
    Unfortunately for France, it didn't have the luxury of being protected by the Channel.
    Too bad one of those bombs didn't get you.

  • Bill

    A few little bombs perhaps fell on Paris but nothing near what happened to London. You should visit this link to see the extent of London's sacrifice so that France could keep their precious Paris intact. I was only a little boy and still remember the first of the bombs before we were taken to the countryside. Our boys fought and died so that the French could fraternize with their Nazi friends. Never forget that!!!

  • Frenchman

    "Lest we forget that the white cliffs of Dover are a symbol to the defeated French. In other words, 'Fuck Off' mes amis, take your garlic and shove it where the sun don't shine."

    I'll have a good laugh next time one of those British born muslims blow up a busor two.

  • ymb

    Historical revisionism at play here. Paris was indeed bombed in 1940by the Germans, and a few times by the Allies as well between 1942 and 1944. After the city's liberation, it was targeted by V2 rockets at leats 30 times, perhaps more.


    I don't see any protests about the EU. No one cares it sickens me that no one cares for f's sake ppl wakeup!

  • Karl

    EU fascism has indeed jumped across water before. Look at Ireland. That's been taken over too.