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Monica Lewinsky Never Interned For Herman Cain

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Famous former White house intern, Monica Lewinsky, is at the centre of another political scandal after being linked to Republican candidate, Herman Cain.




Ms Lewinsky was filmed exiting his tour bus in Calumet City, Illinois, where Mr Cain was campaigning.

Speaking to news reporters at the scene, Mr Cain, said: “I did not have sexual harrasments with that woman. Shiiet, she was just chompin’ on my cigar. We were drinkin’ forties and smokin’ blunts man. Yeah, and then I got her to lick my pizza.”

Mr Cain who is currently leading many polls, is also under threat from unidentified women who are claiming sexual harrasment from his days as a pizza boy.

“It’s kind of funny that this guy gets Lewinskied as soon as he starts racking up some serious poll numbers and could win the election. Those white boys sure got it in fo’ him. Let me see, someone don’t like a real black man getting up there. I’m going to play the race card, put it on the table and show you all up,” Mr Cain’s assistant, Ruth Forcer, told Fox news.

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