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If You Want a Job Go to China or India

LONDON - England - People from both sides of the Atlantic are taking their employment into their own hands by travelling thousands of miles to China and India to get a job.

“I have travelled thousands of miles from Manchester, England to Rajasthan, India, just to get a job. Our British companies have outsourced all manufacturing and IT jobs here, so this is the only way I could actually get a job,” David Arnette, an IT worker, who will take a 70% pay cut to work in India told the Evening Standard.

With the politicians in the US and UK both railing on about the lack of jobs created by industry, who is to blame for this fiasco?

“If you buy a computer in the US, you can rest assured that pretty much every component of that machine was manufactured and assembled in China, where the Communist regime uses slave labour. If, however, that same computer was manufactured in the US or UK, be prepared to add on 120% to the price, because it would mean the company who designs these machines would have to pay people proper living wages in the West. This is unsustainable, because the cost of living in the West is not sustainable with the rest of the world. Therefore, the only solution to this is that jobs in the West reduce the salaries of workers to that of China or India. One must understand that we doubt very much that that could ever happen, because as I mentioned earlier, people need more to live in the West. Either you go to India and live there for a pittance or stay in the West without a job, it’s your choice,” CEO of IBM computer, Brad Malnick, told the Economist magazine.

The British and American welfare system is another major problem for economic growth because there is no impetus to work if you are being paid to not do anything. Until the welfare system of the US and UK are cut and manufacturing is re-introduced to these countries, there will not be growth, but instead a serious decline in social, economic and moral conditions.

Key workers in the West, where jobs are now very scarce, are now dreaming of a move East so that they can get a poorly paid job in overcrowded cities with high levels of pollution.

“It’s either that or starve over here. I’ve got a family to feed. That’s why I’m leaving to go to Shanghai tomorrow to work for a pittance,” Bruce Anderson, an engineer from Reading, England told the BBC.

The Chinese, sensing the exodus of workers from the West, now want every foreigner to pay £18,000 per annum just to work in China, they therefore do not want foreign workers coming and taking their jobs.

Until the West stops outsourcing its manufacturing and IT to the East and brings those jobs back, there will be high unemployment and poor growth in the West. That is the bare bones of the problem, and if the politicians cannot see that, they must be blind or in serious denial.

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