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Experts: EU Wants to Know What’s in Your Will For Very Good Reason

LONDON - England - Britain survived and won two world wars but its ultimate defeat will come from within as our political masters sell us to our age old foes for a very low price.

Constitutional experts have teamed up with financial experts from the British Finance Directorate to reveal the real reasons for the EU wanting to rifle through everyone’s Will in the UK.

“First, one must define the word ‘collectivisation’ simply defined, the goal of this policy is to consolidate individual land and labour into collective farms. Stalin was a proponent of this technique of taking all wealth from every strata of class and redistributing it ‘equally’. As we all know, this was not the case as the majority of the wealth was firmly held by the upper echelons of the Communist party. The exact same system is being proposed by the EU. They want to publish the details of your Will so that the soviet collectivist EU dream can be realised. What you own now, will not be yours any more, it will be the property of the state to distribute as they see fit. This is the next stage of the EU collectivist dystopia. It does have its initial roots in Marxism, and to some extent Obama is doing the same in America by destroying the bourgeoisie. The Middle Class in Britain has been decapitated, as the British are so obsessed by class, the EU may have quite a hard time destroying the British class system altogether. Once Labour, headed by hardcore Marxist, Ed Miliband is voted in, the British will have sealed their fate. If you own any property, have a bank account, you will be punished, as were the Cypriots in the 2012 bank deposit grab. This is how the EU will act and there is nothing anyone can do about it. If you vote for David Cameron in 2015, he will enter Britain into EU slavery slowly, as opposed to the harder edged approach of Miliband.”

Preparing for a feudal system etched into a communist ethos, will impoverish millions of people in Europe. One only has to look at the tricked populations in the EU today drowning in their own faeces.

Britain had a feudal history, and the future will be an assimilation of the old system of rule, except with technology giving an edge to the ruling Lords. All of course ruled by the ultimate Lords of Brussels.

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